Late payment – Credit and leasing in Switzerland

Have you taken out a credit or a lease and pay the monthly fees for delays? What are the consequences and penalties? Is it possible to defer the payment of some monthly payments? From what moment does the situation become serious? Can the relative be called into question by the bank?

When you take out a private credit, you undertake to pay an X sum every month for a certain period. Countless unforeseen events can cause your accounts to go red, which will result in late payments for all or part of your bills.

There are 3 cases for credit or leasing months:

  • payment reminder
  • Monthly reduction
  • Delay that reaches 10% of the debt


1. Payment request

loan Payment request

The first case is when you pay the monthly payment of your credit or lease upon reminder. After all, you will think that it is an invoice like any other and that delayed payment is a trivial thing that has never had other consequences than administrative costs. Do not imagine that a future request for credit or leasing could be affected.

And instead it is so! ZEK already considers at this stage that this is a serious breach that damages your reliability index. The will issue you with a ZEK 03 code that will remain registered for 5 years. Therefore all future credit or leasing applications during this period are highly likely to be rejected.

Consequently, to the extent possible, avoid at all costs of delaying payment. Except with Across Lender with which you are entitled to 2 jokers.


In what form are these penalties? Are they interest for late payment, fixed costs?

Regarding late payment penalties, the fixed costs range from 15 to 100 USD! The amount differs from bank to bank and is shown in the general conditions.

Exception with Across Lender

Credit-now authorizes 2 late payments without additional interest and without registration in the ZEK.

Some banks do this exceptionally without affecting the customer, but unofficially it is quite rare.


Reduction of monthly payments

loan reduction

The second case is one in which your financial situation no longer allows you to pay the monthly amount. So ask your bank for a monthly reduction.

This will result in a ZEK 04 code that is more serious than 03. It will also remain registered for 5 years.


Delay reaching 10% of the debt

In the event of a late payment that reaches 10% of the net debt amount, the bank has the right to claim the total amount of the debt plus interest with immediate effec.

Typically this type of procedure ends in court. The customer will be unable to repay the total amount of the debt immediately and, in the event of impossibility, measures will be taken.

If the person lives as a couple and the relative is solvent, the bank can take advantage of the latter.

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