How to find the customized loans that best suit your needs.

Often we find ourselves in the need of having to find a certain liquidity of money and we decide to resort to consumer credit ; in these cases it is necessary to carefully evaluate the various proposals on the market, in order to be able to find the most suitable tailored loans to meet specific needs. In this way it will be possible to subscribe to a product that is not too demanding to support and therefore does not weigh too much on monthly family economic commitments.

If you want to access a form of financing long enough to complete a significant project, you can resort to classic personal loans. Let’s talk about products such as supplies of the fifth for example. While when the numbers you need are smaller, you can turn to leaner and faster tools, such as revolving credit cards or small finalized loans that can be managed completely online.

Targeted loans or free loans?

Targeted loans or free loans?

The first important assessment to be considered to find the best tailored loans on the market is to identify the purpose. Do you want to buy a car, renovate your home, pay for your children’s university or buy specific items from a specific shop or store?

If we have clear ideas on this we can resort to targeted loans, which offer lower rates and practically immediate disbursements. On the other hand, it must be said that the amount obtained is exclusively tied to the purchase of that particular good or service and we cannot dispose of the money in any other way.

Pure liquidity loans, on the other hand, guarantee greater freedom of management since the money is deposited directly into the applicant’s current account. In this case, the concession criteria are stricter and the rates higher, but it must also be said that the market is freer, and therefore more competitive, because today all banks and financial companies have products of this type to offer.

Loans not finalized: which one to choose?

Loans not finalized: which one to choose?

Among the non-finalized loans, those most requested because they are considered safer, both for the customer and for the lending institution, are the transfers of the fifth in which the agreed installment is directly withdrawn from the holder’s salary.
What is certain is that this type of financing is granted only to employees or pensioners and is therefore not addressed to everyone.

Indeed, the self-employed person or one who cannot prove their income with the paycheck may find it more difficult to obtain financing. Don’t be discouraged, however, because there are also loans without a paycheck (see also What to do in the event of a loan refused ).

As we said in the previous paragraph, the consumer credit market is very lively and there are a large number of products available: exchanged loans, credit cards in installments and small fast loans specifically designed for the less guaranteed categories of workers.

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